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Meet Our Team!

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Phoebe McShane

Founder + Director

Phoebe is the Founder and Director at Ausome Hoops. She started the program back in 2019 when she was 16 with a goal to provide a safe, inclusive environment for kids with Autism to learn new basketball skills. Phoebe has been playing domestic basketball since she was 8 and player representative basketball for 3 years before she got into coaching. She started coaching when she was 14 and has experience coaching at a representative level for the Mornington Breakers. Phoebe also works with the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), writing pieces about disability inclusion in sports and the community, and advocating for change. Phoebe has been awarded with ‘Young Citizen of the Year’ of the Mornington Peninsula for her work with Ausome Hoops.

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MacKenzie (Kenze) Kelton


Kenze has been with Ausome Hoops since our first program back in 2019. Kenze has played domestic basketball since he was 7, and representative basketball since he was 9 and is proud to represent the Mornington Breakers. At the age of 16, Kenze is one of our youngest coaches, and loves coaching our Ausome Hoops kids, and loves seeing how far they’ve come. Kenze always has a smile on his face, and loves to have heaps of fun.


Chloe Davenport


Chloe is one of our amazing coaches at Ausome Hoops. Since before she could walk, she has always watched friends and family playing basketball, and started playing herself when she was 6! Chloe thinks basketball is an amazing way to develop friendships with other people and learn new skills, such as teamwork which is a great skill to have in life. Chloe represents Mornington basketball in their Big V Youth League team, coaches at programs, and has played representative basketball for a long time. Chloe loves coaching for Ausome hoops, as she gets to share her love for basketball with our players.


Nathan Jinks


Nathan has been playing domestic basketball at Mornington since he was 8, and has played representative basketball since he was 11 for the Mornington Breakers, loving being part of the Mornington Basketball community. This is Nathans first year with Ausome Hoops, and he is super excited to be part of the team and meet all of the players!


Molly Harter

Support Coach

Molly is currently in Year 12, and is hoping to study social work at university! Both of Molly's parents work in the disability support sector, and loves helping them to support everyones individual abilities. Molly is very excited to be part of the Ausome Hoops team, and looks forward to working with new people, and helping support them and learn new things!