Ausome Hoops Basketball Program

A specialised basketball program designed for children with Autism


About Us

Ausome Hoops is a basketball program specifically designed for children with Autism, currently based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. Founded in 2019, Ausome Hoops delivers school holiday camps and weekly programs to kids on the spectrum, providing a safe, inclusive space where they can learn how to play basketball free from the judgement from others that may be present in mainstream sport programs.


Our Programs

Weekly Session

Sunday: 9:45am-10:30am

School-Holiday Camps

School Holidays


What We Provide:

Sensory Room

Basketball stadiums can get quite loud and can be a sensory overload. We provide a quiet sensory room where kids can get away from the noise and play with sensory items.

Player Profiles

Player profiles are given to every coach and aide prior to the camp or session beginning so we can get to know your childs needs before we begin. These are on hand during every session and provide key info such as likes/dislikes, sensory needs and management strategies.

Teachers Aide's 

We have multiple qualified teachers aide's on court to assist kids. They have player information on hand and PECS cards if required.

1:5 Ratio

We offer 1 senior + junior coach and 1 teachers aide to a group of 5 kids. This allows us to get to know every child much better and allows connections between our coaches and teachers aide's to be built, making the children more comfortable.


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